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Window Fan Controller

Designed and built an Arduino based system to regulate the temperature of a room using a windows fan by comparing the indoor, outdoor, and desired temperatures.

Inkjet Printed Transistor

Worked under Dr. Tina Smilkstein with Nick Kaperilian and Neil Lamon to research the possibility of utilizing a Fujifilm Dimatix inkjet materials printer to produce an inkjet printed transistor. We ran into production issues that prevented the creation of functional transistors.

Keysight ADS (Advanced Design Suite) Low-Pass Filter Design

Using ADS I designed a 1GHz low pass filter before sending it out to be milled. I then verified that the physical design met the specifications for the filter. I designed an FM receiver and transmitter pair utilizing the ADS designed microstrip low pass filter, an audio amplifier, and AH1 RF Amplifier to transmit audio across an 800MHz channel.

Remote Lux Meter

Designed and breadboarded a remote lux meter that utilized a current controlled oscillator to transmit an amplitude shift keyed ultrasonic signal to receiver unit that provided a square wave output to an Arduino Uno which decoded the signal and displayed the luminosity in foot-candles and the photodiode current.

Scheduled Fish Feeder

As part of the CPE 329 Microcontrollers course I designed a system to allow a user to select up to three times per day to feed a fish based upon the Texas Instruments MSP432 platform. A user could view the last time that the fish was fed and manually feed the fish.

Digital Design CPU (CPE 233 RAT CPU)

Based off of the RAT architecture as designed by Brian Mealy, myself and a group of students designed a CPU which could execute assembly programs. Hardware design was completed in VHDL using Vivado Design Suite for the Basys3 development board. As the final part of the project a Connect4 game board was designed and implemented using Assembly and a custom VHDL decoding module. The source code for the project is available here.

iFixit Technical Writing Project

The iFixit Technical Writing Project's mission was to create an entry for the Ryobi P202. This included both a repair guide and troubleshooting guide available at: In a group of five people we divided writing, photography, and coordination of materials. In addition to the repair and troubleshooting guides, the project facilitated the creation of documents such as a project proposal, status reports, group evaluations. This project also used wiki-syntax and was extensively peer reviewed for clarity and conciseness.

IME 156 Power Supply Project

The IME 156 Introduction to Electronics Manufacturing course consists of a lecture and a lab detailing the creation of PCBs and semiconductors The lab component of the class is largely focused on building skills the use of CAD tools such as DipTrace, soldering, crimping, and shop safety. The final project of the IME 156 lab is the creation of a dual voltage variable power supply based off of a pre-created design. While learning about the various mechanized and automatic manufacturing techniques of electronics, we learned about the skills to manually design printed circuit boards and integrate them.

Creative Poetry Reading

As part of the Senior Poetry Unit I created a creative reading of a poem of my choice. This video is contains video, still images, and time lapses. The majority of the content was captured with a Canon T3i.